Press Inquiries

With her signature bubblegum-pink Power Wheels Barbie Jeep and candy box-colored ensembles, Murphy’s memorable messages exude positivity, empowerment, encouragement, motivation, and unity all wrapped up in one party-perfect package.

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  • Motivational Speeches

    Former beauty queen crowned Miss Oregon USA and an original contestant on the NBC hit reality television series “The Apprentice,” the veteran producer, film/tv actress, serial entrepreneur, brand innovator, philanthropist, social media star, and CEO of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is a professional spokeswoman of live events and shows as well as viral video productions.

  • Hosting/MC-ing/Singing/Dancing

    With her endless amount of vigor, virtue, razor-sharp wit, and an unforgettable dose of delightful entertainment, Murphy effortlessly enchants any audience in any situation. With lots of practice through her comical & cheeky YouTube Blonde series that boasts hundreds of millions of views worldwide, the unique and animated Murphy proves her inimitable talent. She seamlessly blends humor and heartfelt messages – all in high heels!

  • Podcast & TV Show Appearances

    Jennifer is able to talk passionately about a variety of topics including her movie and being a viral internet meme, overcoming cancel culture, the importance of comedy, women's empowerment, Jen's GoGirl journey, tales of Donald Trump, and living life "on-purpose"!