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    Hi there! I'm Jennifer Murphy "GoGirl" and I'm a superhero on a mission to spread smiles!  As second to the oldest of twleve kids, founder of GoGirl Worldwide, former Miss Oregon and contestant on The Apprentice, I want all girls and women to know they can achieve any dream!  And I'm not going to let Chow stop me from my mission of spreading smiles!

  • CHOW

    Yo! What up?! I'm Chow and I'm a billionaire villain who has built a fortune with my merchandise empire and massive following of "Chow Minions".  I'm a ninja, a gamer and also a DJ.  I can't stand GoGirl and am determined to sabotage and stop her from spreading smiles!

  • GIGI

    Hi, I'm Gigi, a superhero rescue dog who joined forces with GoGirl to save the day! With an unwavering bond to Jen, I thrive as her loyal sidekick, cruising in the sidecar of her Barbie Jeep on epic adventures.


    Twinkle is a kind and gentle fairy who loves to help others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it's helping a lost child find their way home, helping a flower bloom, or helping Jen empower herself to defeat Chow.


    Even though I can’t keep track of my keys, I’m very committed to helping Miss Murphy and the GoGirl team stay secure and protected from Chow or any other threat that may present themselves on my watch.  Also, I like snacks.


    I admire myself very much.  And I love money even more than Chow does.  In fact, if someone has money, I don’t really care who it is,  I will Take Them DOWN! 



    What's up?!  I'm Rigan Machado, a world renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and trainer. I'm the owner of The Academy Beverly Hills and am trainer to the stars, including Ashton Kutcher, Mel Gibson, Vin Diesel... and now Jennifer Murphy GoGirl!  Jen is like a sister to me and I want to teach her moves so she is empowered to defend herself from Chow, or any negative force trying to bring her down.


    I'm Preston. I'm eleven and I love comic books and videos games. I also love playing sports and riding my BMX bike. My favorite new comic book is "I Want To Be Neenja".


    Hi, I'm Lokmane. I'm a world famous acrobat and performer. I love doing stunts and shows for live audiences, and I love to spread smiles and joy. That's something that GoGirl and I have in common.


    Hi I'm Fiona! I met Jen several years ago when she performed a song live at her party.  I was shy at the time because I was newer to the country, but Jen and I became good friends and I've truly enjoyed attending some of her empowering GoGirl events over the years. I love Jen's humor and her funny YouTube videos too.  Like Jen, I also am a performer and I especially love dance.  Jen's mission to spread smiles and achieve goals has been an inspiration to me and I'm excited to team up with her!  

  • VITO

    My name is Vito, and I'm the founder of Glazers Media.  I work closely with GoGirl Jen and her team to create PR opportunities for their various clients and advertisers.  Not only are we launching GoGirl PR, but also I'm helping the team to expand GoGirl Worldwide magazine to all new heights.  I love working with brilliant women.  And I can't stand Chow.

  • MINA

    Jen is like a sister to me. I love her positive energy, entreprenurial spirit, her passion for empowering women, and teaching her Eastern culture. As the head of the American chapter of the Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation, I support Jen's message of empowering women, children, and other people in need while showcasing female entreprenuers and their achievements.


    Good evening, I'm Jamie Jo, reporting live from the I Want To Be Neenja website! I love reporting news, especially when its good news. Unfortunately, Chow makes that difficult sometimes. In my humble opinion, I do think that I am the best news reporter of all time.

  • JoAnn

    I'm JoAnn! I am always cheerful and positive and I love answering the phone at GoGirl Worldwide and greeting our team members every day! I go the extra mile to make sure everyone has what they need to get their job done, all with a smile!

  • Mary

    I'm Mary and I am the Chief Operating Officer at GoGirl Worldwide. Jen sometimes gets a little distracted when she's making a new YouTube video or trying to learn new Neenja moves, so I often am the one to keep everything on track.


    Hi there! I'm Carol. I'm confident, love to blow bubbles with my pink bubble gum and love all things pink in general! I'm a big fan of GoGirl, but I jusy hope she can stand her ground when it comes to that crazy Chow character!


    How ya doin? I am a sophisticated real-estate agent living in New York. I enjoy the finer things in life. I make that cheese so I can afford some! My BFF is Carol. <3


    Hi, I'm Sarah VanGo. I sell comic books out of my vintage VW Bus. I have the best collection around, including rare and "black market" editions. Shhhhhhh...


    It's a big job being Preston's Mom. He's a great kid, but he has a huge imagination and I have to keep him on track so he doesn't get too caught up in his love for superhero movies and comic books.


    Well hello!  My name is Jessica and I'm highly orientated to detail.  I have multiple degrees, and there's a reason Jen hired ME to oversee cyber-security and run I.T. her at GoGirl Worldwide.  There's no way Chow will break our triple firewall. Ahhhmm.


    I'm Traci Lynn Cowan, founder of TLC Unleashed. I'm ready to help GoGirl unleash her true potential and superpowers and will train her to take Chow down with TLC!


    Hey hey, Hey hey!  How's it goin'?!  I'm Burrel Wilks, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Mayweather Boxing and Fitness.  I'm also the Life Coach to the Stars.  Jen is my sister-from-another-mister and I've known her for years.  I teach Jen how to turn Chows negativity into motivation, and that positive plus positive equals success! You got to do it!


    Hi, I play the role of Billy the bully.  I ruined Chow as a kid.  In real life I'm a nice guy who's been bullied before, so I know what it's like.  I actually have two bullies.  One I made friends with and he's much nicer now.  In my opinion, don't give up on people too fast!

  • NOAH

    Hi, I’m Noah, but I play Chow as a young boy.  I’m real life I’m a happy hearted kid who loves to dance and have fun with my siblings.  But in the movie I play the role of a boy who becomes broken because of the actions of a mean bully.


    Hi, I’m Milan. I play the role of an orphan in the movie.  In real life I have a wonderful Mom and Dad, and two younger brothers that I love very much.  I love to dance and spread smiles just like GoGirl, and I want to make a positive impact in the world!

  • LUCA

    Hi, I’m Luca. I play the role of an orphan in the movie. But in real like I have a wonderful family and I’m a very happy kid.  I love to create dances and fun videos with my siblings.  I’m very thankful for the blessings in my life and I hope I can help spread more happiness in small ways that I can.


    I'm Johnson Sun, an expert Chinese Calligrapher and trainer of people in the United States and all over the world on Chinese culture.  I love GoGirl and I, too, want to be NEENJA!  


    I'm Nicole, the fierce and fabulous writer for GoGirl Worldwide Magazine!  And I'm so excited that I now get to write blogs and articles for GoGirl Merch!  I love working with Jen and the entire GoGirl team.  And I can't wait to break the story once GoGirl takes Chow down!


    Hi, my name is Areli and I'm the social media marketing expert at GoGirl Worldwide.  I love coming to the office because our work environment is more like play! Except when Chow tries to come around and ruin the day.  I'm so sure that GoGirl will win in the end!


    My name is Dr. Laura and I'm from Latvia.  I moved to L.A. years ago and after that I tracked the world on a mission to find solutions to help the health of people in the United States.  I knew they were deprived of many important nutrients.  I became a doctor with multiple degrees, and have my own brand called Synerchii..which is AMAZING!  I'm so happy to team with Jen and her team to bring my product to the world!


    Well hello!  How are you doing?  My name is Maribel and I am good friends with Jen and also her GoGirl Latina.  We are mapping out plans to bring GoGirl to Mexico, as well as have a GoGirl Latina issue published right here in the U.S.A.  I love Jen, and our goals and vision align.  And there's no chance that Chow will stop us now!  Or ever!!!

  • JODI

    Hi, I'm Jodi Reeves.  I met Jen five years ago when I was going through something challenging.  I loved her GoGirl spirit and still do to this day.   I need people like Jen and other GoGirls in my life! I work with Traci Lynn Cowan and our team helps empower women who need a new start in life.  That's really what I'm most passionate about! Oh, and also, we need to TAKE CHOW DOWN.


    Hi! I'm Bella!  I love to sing and perform!  I was so excited when I got to attend the GoGirl "Spread Your Wings" event, but I couldn't believe it when I found out that Chow almost destroyed GoGirl's caterpillar suit the night before the event!  But I'm so glad that Jen and her GoGirl team pulled through.  For me, the event was life-changing.  I hope Chow stops his madness!


    Hi!  I'm Daphne!  I'm a free-stlye singer AND artist!  I love coming up with original art and songs too!  But I'm also a business woman who knows that I should leverage my talents.  I'm excited to be working with Jen and her team on some win-win merch design opportunities!


    I'm Amanda, and I am here not only to keep Jen on track but also to make sure that Chow does not destroy our bottom line. It's not about money, but we need to be financially successful in oder to fullfiill our global mission of empowering women.


    I'm Yolanda Halston, makeup artist to the stars and inventor of NV airbrush foundation. I love helping Jen and her team look flawless with my mineral and vitamin enhanced makeup line that is actually more like skin care.


    Hi! I'm Gemma! I love working with Jen and our team to help make the world a better place! I love fashion and sales and am excited to bring my skillset to the GoGirl Worldwide and want to inspire every girl and woman to look and feel their best! 


    My name is Jasmine and I'm very creative and love making things happen in life. As a mother and entrepreneur, I want to inspire other girls and women to go for their dreams!


    Hey!  My name is Emiliano and I'm from Mexico. My Mom is a movie star and my Dad is a movie director.  Personally, I'm the biggest fan of Chow because he's so cool!  I love his merch and I can't wait to see what he rolls out next.  As a gamer, I love keeping up with the newest games too!


    I'm a Mexican television and movie star.  As a wife, mother and actress I love living my life to the fullest.  I believe all women can achieve their dreams and goals.  GoGirl! 


    Hiii Ya!!!  I'm Forbes, a real life ninja and stunt man.  I love working out and practicing my ninja moves.  It's especially fun playing the role of Chow's stunt double in the movie.


    I'm Morton and I'm a proud owner of NEENJA Knives.  I believe the world needs more great products that truly deliver value, and that is what the team at GoGirl Worldwide strive to deliver.  I'm a fan!

  • MIKE

    I'm Michael, Jen's official photographer for GoGirl Worldwide, including magazine shoots, events, marketing... you name it!  I've known Jen for years and I love her vision and the empowering cause of her company.  I'm team GoGirl all the way!


    My name is Trish and I love working at Liberty Toy Factory. Bringing smiles to children with our darling toys brings happiness to my heart!

  • BILL

    My name is Bill and I'm head of security at Liberty Toy Factory. My job is very important be because we've got to keep the toys safe from evil villains like Chow!


    Hi! I'm Helay! I love to make toys at Liberty Toy Factory. I also have my own designer clothing brand and sew fine designs for clients all over the world. I'm a GoGirl!

  • Heday

    Hi, I'm Heday! I enjoy building toys at Liberty Toy Factory. I know the kids love our quality toys, and I take great pride in each and every one I create!

  • PIM

    I'm Pim! I love to smile and I love to make others smile! My job at Liberty Toy Factory is very important because we help bring joy to kids!

  • John

    Hi, I'm John! I love working at Liberty Toy Factory and it gives me joy to know how much our toys light up the hearts of kids everywhere!